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. Monitoring the Future: Drug Use and Lifestyles of American Youth (16-PAF02208)
. Auditing Algorithms: Adding Accountability to Automated Authority (17-PAF01753)
. Amendment 2017: Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) (17-PAF05743)
. Surveys of Consumers 2017 CPI Supplement (17-PAF05412)
. Household Financial Behavior - 2017 (17-PAF05004)
. Restricted Access to Monitoring the Future Data - through 2019 (17-PAF03769)
. Genotyping the Child Development Supplement to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID-CDS) (17-PAF03574)
. Fostering a Culture of Research in Qatar: A Study of Public Involvement in and Attitudes toward Survey Research (17-PAF03259)
. Social networks and well-being in late life: An in depth examination of daily mechanisms - Additional Funds (17-PAF05882)
. Relationship Dynamics and Social Life (RDSL) study ()
. Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) ()
Almirall. Evaluating Options for Non-Responders: A SMART Approach to Enhancing Weight Loss (14-PAF02313)
Almirall, Murphy, Nahum-Shani. Adaptive Interventions for Minimally Verbal Children with ASD in the Community (12-PAF02476)
Alter, Granda. Linking MET Teachers and Students in District-wide Data (17-PAF01264)
Alter, Vardigan. Terra Populus: A Global Population/Environment Data Network (09-PAF03293)
Antonucci, Kabo. Social Relations, Aging and Health: Competing Theories and Emerging Complexities - Kabo Administrative Supplement (17-PAF00516)
Antonucci, Ajrouch, Birditt, Jackson. Humility and Forgiveness: The Role of Social Relations among Three Ethnic Groups (15-PAF00815)
Axinn, Ghimire, Mitchell. Understanding the Connections among Genes, Environment, Family Processes, and Mental Health (17-PAF01807)
Axinn. National Campus Climate Survey (16-PAF01141)
Bailey. Evaluating the long-term effects of four War on Poverty programs (15-PAF05929)
Bailey. Community Care for All? Health Centers' Impact on Access to Care and Health (12-PAF00110)
Barber, Kusunoki. Distal Determinants of Race-Ethnic Variation in Unintended Fertility (14-PAF02387)
Birditt, Antonucci, Gonzalez, Jackson, Najarian. Racial Disparities in Health: The Roles of Stress, Social Relations and the Cardiovascular System (16-PAF02167)
Birditt, Antonucci, Gonzalez, Najarian. Cardiovascular and Hemodynamic Reactivity to Stress: Validity and Reliability of New Wearable Device for Assessing Stress Reactivity (16-PAF06526)
Birditt. Social networks and well-being in late life: An in depth examination of daily mechanisms (15-PAF02606)
Bound, Burgard, Faul, Freedman, Giustinelli, Hochfellner, House, Levenstein, Mitchell, Ofstedal, Schoeni, Sonnega, Weir. Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (14-PAF01129)
Brown, McGonagle, Sastry. Continuity and Change in American Economic and Social Life: The PSID 2012-2016 (USDA-FNS 2017 Supplement) (16-PAF00238)
Burgard, Clarke, Elliott, Langa, Ye. Understanding Social Disparities in Health and Aging (10-PAF02345)
Cech. Collaborative Research: SBP: LGBTQ Professionals in STEM: Workplace Experiences and Navigation Strategies of Sexual and Gender Minority Scientists and Engineers (16-PAF07927)
Chen. The Political Control of U.S. Federal Agencies and Bureaucratic Political Behavior (15-PAF00757)
Clarke, Burgard, Elliott, Gallagher, Kimball, Smith. The Social and Economic Dynamics of Optimism and Hopelessness over American Adulthood: Evidence from the Americans' Changing Lives Study (1986-2011) (15-PAF04841)
Couper. Understanding household finance through better measurement w University of Essex (16-PAF03577)
Couper, Axinn, Granda, Wagner. National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) (10-PAF06892)
Curtin. Surveys of Consumers 2015-2019 (15-PAF01484)
Davenport. Collaborative Research: An Organizational Approach to State Repression (15-PAF03702)
Davis-Kean. Parenting and Social Media: Sources of Parenting Information and Misinformation on Twitter (16-PAF06219)
Elliott, Batterman, Dolinoy, Freed, Jagadish, Keating, Padmanabhan. Prenatal Exposures and Child Health Outcomes: A Statewide Study (16-PAF05725)
Fariss. Collaborative Research: Sub-National Analysis of Repression Project (16-PAF07757)
Faul, Kardia, Mitchell, Smith, Ware. Genomic Analysis for Social-Behavioral Scientists (16-PAF01868)
Faul, Kardia, Mitchell, Smith, Weir. Interplay of Genetic & Socioeconomic Predictors of Memory Decline in Older Adults (14-PAF04289)
Fomby, Sastry, Schoeni. Family Complexity, Resources, and the Transition to Adulthood (15-PAF07267)
Freedman. Caregiving for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: Enhancing the National Study of Caregiving (NSOC) (16-PAF03125)
Freedman, Brown, Colabianchi, Heeringa, Langa, McGonagle, Pfeffer, Raghunathan, Schoeni. Health, Wealth, and Time Use Over the Life Course and Across Generations (15-PAF04777)
Freedman. National Health and Aging Trends Study (14-PAF02069)
Freedman, McGonagle, Schoeni. Economic Status, Health, & Wellbeing over the Life Course and Across Generations (12-PAF04308)
Frey. Demographic Research with The Brookings Institution 2016-17 (17-PAF00747)
Gerber, Agrawal. RAPID: Global Dependence of Livelihoods on Forests and the Impacts of Forest Investments: Disaster Recovery in Nepal (16-PAF04307)
Ghimire. Family Migration and Early Life Outcomes FAMELO Project: Migrant Interview Augmentation grant (16-PAF07495)
Ghimire. Female Labor Force Participation and Child Outcomes (16-PAF02204)
Ghimire. Family Migration Context and Early Life Outcomes (16-PAF07304)
Ghimire. CNH: Feedbacks Between Human Community Dynamics and Socio-ecological Vulnerability in a Biodiversity Hotspot (16-PAF07953)
Ghimire, Axinn, Bhandari, Thornton. Labor Outmigration, Agricultural Productivity and Food Security (14-PAF00935)
Gonzalez, Dinov, Marcotte. BD Spokes: SPOKE: MIDWEST: Collaborative:Advanced Computational Neuroscience Network (ACNN) Additional Funds (17-PAF02250)
Gonzalez, Dinov, Marcotte. BD Spokes: SPOKE: MIDWEST: Collaborative: Advanced Computational Neuroscience Network (ACNN) (16-PAF05320)
Hedstrom, Alter, Murphy. DataNet Full Proposal: Sustainable Environment through Actionable Data (SEAD) (09-PAF02988)
Hicken, Kretzler, Ojo. The Interactive Roles of Neighborhood Characteristics and Genetic Risk in Racial Inequalities in CKD (16-PAF02796)
House. Network on Life Course Health Dynamics and Disparities in 21st Century America (13-PAF05629)
Huesmann, Bushman, Dubow, Reischl. Exposure to Violence and Subsequent Weapons Use: Mediating and Moderating Processes (15-PAF08130)
Hutchings, Brader. Collaborative Research: American National Election Studies (ANES) 2014-2017 (14-PAF06212)
Jackson. Race and Ethnicity Health Differentials: Disaggregating the Black Population in the United States (16-PAF07092)
Jacob. Expanding Children's Early Learning (ExCEL) Network: Summer Boost Study - Full Study (17-PAF01814)
Jacob. The Alignment of Mathematics Content in the Earliest Years of Formal Schooling (16-PAF06755)
Jacob. A Field Study of Mathematics Teaching in Kindergarten (16-PAF00665)
Jacob. Making Pre-K Count: Kindergarten Expansion - Supplement 3 (15-PAF08070)
Jekielek, Levenstein. Child Care and Early Education Research Connections (13-PAF06874)
Johnson, McGonagle, Sastry. Panel Study of Income Dynamics - 2017 Philanthropy Module (Wave 40) and CDS 2014 (17-PAF01879)
Johnston. Monitoring and Assessing the Impact of Tax and Price Policies on US Tobacco Use (10-PAF03783)
Johnston, Bachman, Heeringa, Miech, O'Malley, Patrick, Schulenberg. Monitoring the Future: Drug Use and Lifestyles of American Youth (12-PAF02429)
Kabo, Antonucci, Clarke, Faul, Ryan. Boomers, Entrepreneurship, and Retirement 2030 (15-PAF06488)
Keating. Adolescent sleep, brain function, and risk behavior (15-PAF07945)
Keating, Gehring, Huntley, Monk, Noll, Patrick, Peltier, Schulenberg. Neurodevelopmental Pathways in Adolescent Health Risk Behavior (13-PAF07275)
Kimball, Freedman. Using Subjective Well-Being Data to Monitor Changes in Health and Well-Being (15-PAF04526)
Kimball. Using the Dynamics of Happiness to Measure the Subjective Importance of Events (11-PAF01779)
Kollman, Hicken. The Constituency-Level Elections Archive (CLEA): Transitioning to a Sustainable Public Good (15-PAF03805)
Langa. Harmonized Diagnostic Assessment of Dementia (DAD) for Longitudinal Aging Study of India (LASI) (15-PAF02367)
Lee. Older Adults in Vulnerable Communities: Health and Quality of Life Over Time (16-PAF02499)
Leonard. Models of Demographic and Health Changes Following Military Conflict (14-PAF04475)
Leonard, Hoelter. Multi-generational Demographic and Landholding Data: CMGPD-SC Public Release (11-PAF03637)
Levenstein, Granda, Lyle, Pienta. Identifying a Set of Value-added Services in Support of Data Curation for the Development Data Hub (16-PAF07903)
Lupia. The 2016 Election Research Preacceptance Contest (16-PAF04290)
Maher. Addressing Infant Mortality Disparities by In-Depth Pregnancy Assessment (17-PAF01866)
Maher. Remediating Academic and Non-Academic Skills Deficit Among Disadvantaged Youth (14-PAF01466)
Maher. Survey of U.S. Middle School Mathematics Teachers and Teaching (14-PAF03193)
Maher. Recovery After In Hospital Cardiac Arrest (13-PAF06809)
Mebane Jr. Positive Empirical Models of Election Frauds (15-PAF03808)
Miller, Inglehart. United States Participation in the 2016-17 World Values Survey (16-PAF03918)
Miller, Ackerman. Demonstration of a feasibility of improving scientific literacy and lifelong learning through a just-in-time dissemination process: NASA 5-4-2015 (15-PAF05673)
Miller, Levy, Smith, Weir, West. Extending the Longitudinal Study of American Youth into a Study of Aging (14-PAF01754)
Miller. The Scientific Virtues: A proposal for a National Survey of the Ethical Perceptions of Scientific Leaders (13-PAF02125)
Min. Whose Power Gets Cut in South Asia? (16-PAF02635)
Mneimneh, Wittrock. Improving Survey Quality in Qatar: Evaluating Interviewers' Role in Establishing Privacy & Its Effect on Survey Response (15-PAF03461)
Monk, Abelson, Gonzalez, Hyde, Lopez-Duran, Mitchell, Peltier. Effects of poverty on affective development: A multi-level, longitudinal study (13-PAF06876)
Morenoff. Social Science Training in Population Studies-FLSA Stipend Increase (17-PAF03565)
Morenoff, Gerber. Detroit Metropolitan Area Communities Study (DMACS): A Collaborative Information and Innovation Platform for the Region (16-PAF02638)
Morenoff, Smith. The Consequences of Sanctions for Mortality in Socially Marginalized Populations (13-PAF06099)
Morrison, Davis-Kean, Gehring. Exploring the Effects of Schooling on Changes in Behavioral and Neurological Indices of Children's Executive Functioning (14-PAF04829)
Mueller-Smith. Criminal Justice Administrative Records System (CJARS) Pilot (16-PAF03869)
Murphy, Nahum-Shani, Tewari. Data-Based Methods for Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions in Alcohol Use (15-PAF02436)
Nahum-Shani, Murphy. 2016 SMART Weight Loss (16-PAF00422)
Nahum-Shani, Almirall, Murphy. Novel Longitudinal Methods for SMART Studies of Drug Abuse and HIV (15-PAF01532)
Nahum-Shani. The College-to-Work Transition & Alcohol Misuse: An Etiologic Study (13-PAF04057)
Neighbors, Caldwell, Eisenberg, Piatt, Taylor. RWJF Diversity in Health Policy Research (16-PAF00396)
Ostfeld. The Content of Your Color: Skin Color Identity and Its Determinants (17-PAF00897)
Owen-Smith. Pathways to Science and Engineering Professions: Persistence and career choice for bachelors and masters graduates' research experiences, decision points and labor market transitions (16-PAF05118)
Owen-Smith. Collaborative Research: STEM Training, Employment in Industry, and Entrepreneurship (15-PAF04373)
Panapasa. National Center for Pacific Islander Wellness (16-PAF02899)
Patrick. Intensive Daily Measurement of Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use in a High-Risk Community Sample of Young Adults: Impacts on Acute and Longer-term Use and Consequences (16-PAF01307)
Patrick, Evans-Polce, Schulenberg, Tang. Dynamic Links Between Risk Factors, Substance Use, and Consequences: Ages 18-35 (14-PAF05914)
Patrick, Schulenberg. Extreme Binge Drinking during the Transition to Adulthood (14-PAF04412)
Pfeffer, Freedman, Ofstedal, Schoeni, Weir. Linking 1940 U.S. Census Data for Five Modern Surveys on Health and Aging (15-PAF05845)
Pfeffer. How Accessible is the Top? The Changing Rigidity of High Incomes and Earnings (16-PAF00309)
Pfeffer. How Rigid is the Wealth Structure and Why? Intergenerational Correlations in Family Wealth and their Sources. (15-PAF00213)
Pienta. Building an Arts Data Repository at ICPSR (14-PAF00845)
Raghunathan. How Randomly Distributed Vouchers Affect Biology and Health (16-PAF03800)
Raghunathan. Validation and Extension of the Michigan Barrett's Esophagus pREdiction Tool (M-Beret) (16-PAF02369)
Raghunathan. Housing Trade-Offs as They are Perceived and as They Affect Children's Well-Being - HUD (16-PAF03796)
Raghunathan. Using Satellite National Health Accounts to Understand Health and Cost Changes (14-PAF05220)
Raghunathan. How Housing Affects Families with Children (16-PAF03804)
Raghunathan. Housing Trade-Offs as They are Perceived and as They Affect Children's Well-Being - NICHD (16-PAF03803)
Raghunathan. Housing Effects on Children's Development (16-PAF03798)
Rowan, Alston, Alter, Cohen, Jekielek. Under Construction: The Rise, Spread and Consequences of the Common Core State Standards Initiative in the U.S. Education Sector (16-PAF02696)
Rowan. Under Construction: The Rise, Spread, and Consequences of the Common Core State Standards Initiative in the U.S. Education Sector (16-PAF07171)
Rowan. Burst: Reading Efficacy Study (13-PAF00077)
Sastry, Almirall, Axinn, Bloome, Davis-Kean, Fomby, McGonagle, Pfeffer, Schoeni. Transition to Adulthood within its Life Course & Intergenerational Family Context (15-PAF06396)
Sastry, Heeringa, McGonagle, Pfeffer, Schoeni. Family Dynamics, Fertility, and Investments in Children Across Generations (15-PAF05646)
Sastry. Disparities in Recovery from Hurricane Katrina: KATRINA@10: RP4 (15-PAF01351)
Sastry, Fomby, McGonagle. Transitions from Preschool through High School: Family, Schools & Neighborhoods-Administrative Supplement (14-PAF06330)
Sastry, Fomby, McGonagle. Transitions from Preschool through High School: Family, Schools & Neighborhoods (13-PAF02393)
Sastry, McGonagle. The Transition from Childhood into Adulthood among PSID Children, 2013 and 2015 (11-PAF06731)
Savolainen. NEISS AIP Special Study Data (17-PAF03152)
Savolainen. Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct (16-PAF04589)
Savolainen, Eisman. Role of Childhood Cumulative Risk in Substance Misuse and Co-occurring Problems (16-PAF00287)
Savolainen, Eisman. Role of Childhood Cumulative Risk in Substance Misuse and Co-occurring Problems-Year 3 (16-PAF07456)
Schulenberg, Patrick. Examining Developmental, Contextual, and Historical Effects of Civic Engagement during the Transition to Adulthood: An Integrative Interdisciplinary Approach (14-PAF03703)
Schulenberg. Building on Bridging the Gap: Environmental Influences on Teen Substance Use (12-PAF02273)
Schulenberg, O'Malley. State Medical Marijuana Laws, Attitudes and Adolescent Marijuana use in the MTF (12-PAF01722)
Shapiro, Johnson. Re-Inventing Measurement of Key Economic Indicators (17-PAF00870)
Shapiro, Silverman. Harnessing Naturally-Occurring Data to Study Financial Change of Older Americans (14-PAF07787)
Sherman. Technology-Assisted Intervention for Remarried and Stepfamily Caregivers (14-PAF05870)
Smith, Gonzalez, Ryan. Survey Measures of Subjective Well-being: Age, Appraisal, and Cognition Effects (11-PAF01951)
Stern, Harlow, Kardia. Demographic Patterns of Eugenic Sterilization in California (15-PAF04671)
Strassmann, Kalantry. Imprinting in Human Placentas: The Intergenerational Transmission of Health (14-PAF05249)
Strassmann, Lieberman, Vincenz. A longitudinal study of stunting and growth modulating genes in human placentas (14-PAF02872)
Strassmann. Direct and Indirect Effects of Social Context on Age at Maturity in the Dogon of Mali (14-PAF00497)
Tang, Colabianchi, Davis-Kean. Linking Additional Years of Geographic Data on Food Accessibility to the PSID (17-PAF03602)
Tang, Colabianchi, Davis-Kean. Linking Geographic Data on Food Accessibility to the PSID (16-PAF03808)
Tessler. Amendment-West Bank-Testing the Effectiveness of Tailored Non-Formal Education Interventions Promoting Critical Thinking and Emotional Literacy in the Middle East (17-PAF01847)
Tessler. Mass Political Attitudes in the Arab States of the Gulf: Administering the Arab Democracy Barometer in Qatar and the UAE (13-PAF03087)
Tessler. University of Michigan-Carnegie Arab Social Scientist Visitor Program (13-PAF06667)
Tessler, Howell. The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI): Second Five-Year Collaboration between Qatar University and The Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan (13-PAF01523)
Thornton, Bhandari, Fricke. Ideational Influences on Migration: Values and Beliefs (14-PAF01423)
Weir, Couper, Langa. Internet Interviewing and the HRS (17-PAF01163)
Weir, Abramowitz, Bound, Brown, Couper, Fang, Faul, Giordani, Heeringa, Helppie-McFall, Kardia, Langa, Lee, Levy, Mitchell, Ofstedal, Ryan, Schmitz, Smith, Smith, Sonnega, Valliant, Wasi, Willis. Health and Retirement Study Yrs 23-28 (11-PAF05587)
Weir, et al.. Health and Retirement Study (HRS) ()
West, Axinn, Wagner. Responsive Design for Efficient Survey Data Collection: An Education Program (16-PAF00386)
Willis. The Cognitive Demands of Work and the Length of Working Life: The Case of Computerization (17-PAF01453)
Xu. Estimating Socioeconomic Disparities in Self-Rated Health (15-PAF05344)
Yang. Health, Education, and Economic Interventions for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mozambique (continuation) (17-PAF01238)
Yang. Health, Education, and Economic Interventions for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mozambique (16-PAF05841)
Yang. COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Fingerprinting to Reduce Risky Borrowing (15-PAF00188)

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