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Journalists and policy analysts routinely cite ISR studies, and our research scientists speak out regularly on the critical issues of the day, including consumer confidence, teen substance use, voting behavior and many other topics. Sample this news coverage; read our news releases, magazine and profiles; and watch our videos.


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Recent News

A squatter looking out of the balcony window into Regents Park, from a house in Cornwall Gardens, London.


Who are you? Squatters can actually help a neighborhood

[ 23 Aug 2016 ]

ANN ARBOR—Squatters who illegally occupy vacant homes or buildings are not always contributing to apathy or social disorder, say University of Michigan researchers. It can actually be a good situation for a neighborhood to have these individuals move into abandoned…

The baby boy biting brown beads on a bed


Experts call for interdisciplinary study of childhood exposure to environmental contaminants

[ 18 Aug 2016 ]

ANN ARBOR—The recent public health crisis in Flint, Mich., underscores a need for scientists to better understand the relationship between environmental contaminants and child development, say researchers at The University of Michigan and their collaborators. In a paper published in…