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Journalists and policy analysts routinely cite ISR studies, and our research scientists speak out regularly on the critical issues of the day, including consumer confidence, teen substance use, voting behavior and many other topics. Sample this news coverage; read our news releases, magazine and profiles; and watch our videos.


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National Adolescent Drug Trends in 2017

[ 14 Dec 2017 ]

Tables summarizing estimates for the drugs discussed below, as well as additional drugs, are here: The findings summarized here will be published by the end of April in a forthcoming volume. Marijuana Use Edges Upward ANN ARBOR—Marijuana use among…

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Consumers more certain about positive prospects

[ 22 Nov 2017 ]

ANN ARBOR—Consumer sentiment was slightly below last month’s decade high, but has remained in the narrow positive range it has traveled since the start of the year, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers. What has recently changed…