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Journalists and policy analysts routinely cite ISR studies, and our research scientists speak out regularly on the critical issues of the day, including consumer confidence, teen substance use, voting behavior and many other topics. Sample this news coverage; read our news releases, magazine and profiles; and watch our videos.


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Recent News



American National Election Studies receives $10 million in federal funding

[ 18 Sep 2014 ]

ANN ARBOR—The National Science Foundation has awarded $10.23 million to researchers at the University of Michigan and Stanford University to conduct a series of surveys on political participation and vote choice in the 2016 presidential election. The project is part…

Couple relating at home. Photo by Thinkstock.


Happy Wife, Happy Life: New study finds some truth for older couples

[ 9 Sep 2014 ]

ANN ARBOR—A husband who’s unhappy with his marriage is still likely to be happy with his life—if his wife gives their marriage high marks, a new study shows. “Older husbands and wives in better marriages are more satisfied with their…