May 2017

Donald Kinder and the Center for Political Studies were mentioned by The University Record in “U-M professor elected to the National Academy of Sciences.”

EurekAlert mentioned Donald Kinder and the Center for Political Studies in “National Academy of Sciences members and foreign associates elected.”

Matthew Shapiro was quoted by NPR/National Public Radio in “Consequences of Government Shutdowns.”

Michigan News mentioned Thomas Buchmueller and Helen Levy in “New health care bill: U-M experts can discuss.”

Arthur Lupia, Ron Lesthaeghe, Lisa Neidert, and the Population Studies Center were mentioned by the New York Times in “President Trump Is the Enemy of Their Enemies.”

Infertility Over 40, Fertility After 40, Pregnancy Over 40 cited research by William Axinn, Jennifer Barber, and Arland Thornton, and mentioned the Institute for Social Research in “Unwanted Babies, May Be Infertile as Adults.”

Health and Retirement Study, David Weir, and the Survey Research Center were cited by usbank in “Planning For Health as You Transition into Retirement.”

WKAR mentioned the Institute for Social Research in “Universities reverse course, start selling alcohol at sporting events: MSU next?

The Institute for Social Research was mentioned by ThurstonTalk in “Sequoia’s Treehouse Summer Camps Send Kids Outside.”

Detroit Free Press quoted Teri Orbuch in “What they said about marriage.”

Robert Mickey was mentioned by The New York Times in “Comey’s Firing Tests Strength of the ‘Guardrails of Democracy’.”

The Washington Post mentioned Thomas C. Buchmueller in “An obvious way to fight the opioid epidemic – and make doctors’ lives easier.”

Richard Curtin was mentioned by The Wall Street Journal in “For Small Businesses, Lower Tax Rates Top Estate Tax Repeal.”

The Ticker Tape cited the Health and Retirement Study in “Five Ingredients to the Secret Sauce of Happiness in Retirement.”

Sonja B. Starr was quoted by The New York Times in “Sessions to Toughen Rules on Prosecuting Drug Crimes.”

The Christian Science Monitor mentioned Megan Patrick in “Liberating students from a drinking culture.”

David Johnson and the Panel Study of Income Dynamics were cited by Michigan News in “Rich get richer: U-M study shows changes in income, spending of America’s families.”

National Public Radio – WBEZ Chicago interviewed David Lam in “Youth Unemployment is Rising Across the World.”

Teri Orbuch was mentioned by Nigeria News in “The Best Things to Say Before, During, and After S*x to Always Make Her Want More.”

WVPR Vermont Public Radio mentioned Ethan Kross in a broadcast on 5/17/2017.

Richard Nisbett co-authored “Charles Murray is once again peddling junk science about race and IQ” in Vox.

The Christian Science Monitor mentioned Robert Mickey in “Democracy experts to Trump: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

The Health and Retirement Study was referenced by CNBC in “Frugal retirees ditch 4 percent rule, hoard saving instead.”

The Michigan Daily featured H. Luke Shaefer in “Author H. Luke Shaefer shares his research on poverty in the United States.”

Richard Nisbett was mentioned by MSN in “Why you shouldn’t always listen to the office Hippo (that’s Highest-Paid Person’s Opinion).”

The Huffington Post UK referenced research done by Ethan Kross in “Five Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Social Media.”