ISR Runs for Bob 2018


Run for Bob and enjoy a delicious Twinkie (or two).

Once again, the “ISR Runs for Bob” team will brave the elements for the Twinkie Run at Gallup Park. Join the team and show your support for our friend and colleague Bob Schoeni.

The Twinkie Run is an annual 5K race held to raise awareness and funds for ALS research. Every April (the 22nd this year), Twinkie fans can eat a Twinkie, run (or walk, or push a stroller) once around Gallup Pond, have another Twinkie, and then finish the race. Eat a Twinkie, get a minute off your time. Eat two, and that’s two minutes. How much more incentive could you want? And afterwards, you can sample homemade Twinkies of all sorts, from barbecued to deep-fried.

To register, visit and click on “Register Today.” When you register, make sure to pick the “Institute for Social Research” or “ISR Runs for Bob” button on the information page. Even if you don’t want to run, you can still join the team or make a donation towards ALS research if you want. Please send an email to Anna Massey by March 22 to let her know you’ve joined the team so you can get your team t-shirt, courtesy of SRC.

NOTE: NOT April 1 this year. 8 am on April 22.

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