ISR to open Market Twenty 4 Seven

Arbor Lakes Market 24 7 location

Market Twenty 4 Seven location at Arbor Lakes

ISR will open a Market Twenty 4 Seven self-checkout kiosk meal option system in July at the site of the Glass House Café in the Thompson Building Atrium. The Glass House Café will close at the end of May and food service at ISR-Thompson will be suspended in June 2017 during the kiosk installation.

Designed for quick service, the Market Twenty 4 Seven kiosk will offer a variety of prepared and fresh foods, snacks and beverages around the clock. Selections will include: deli-style sandwiches, fresh fruit, home-made soups, ready-to-heat entrees, breakfast sandwiches, National Brand Candy and Better-For-You Snacks, bottled beverages and cappuccino and fresh coffee.  All breads and pastries are made fresh every day. The food will be stocked daily and selections will rotate every eight weeks based on trending preferences.

The secure self-checkout technology identifies each product by barcode. For added security, the store will be equipped with a closed-circuit camera.

The ISR kiosk, the fourth on U-M’s campus, will have a loyalty program to support U-M wellness initiatives. It features multiple payment options, including by debit/credit card, a pre-loaded Market card or a mobile app.

The kiosk will have a grand opening in July, which will include demonstrations.

For more information, visit the Market Twenty 4 Seven website or contact Anna Massey at

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