Strengthening the Social Sciences for the 21st Century

Since its founding, ISR has led revolutions in social science methods. Currently, we are in the earliest stages of several major shifts in the field. ISR is poised to take the lead in each of these transitions by:

  • Developing and advancing new technologies for the secure and ethical storage, management, use, and preservation of complex data, including video and biological data and technologies for protecting respondent anonymity.
  • Promoting expanded uses and analyses of bio-specimen data collections through the Translational Research Center on Biology in the Social and Health Sciences.
  • Creating new forms of comparative social science by working with scholars and governments around the world to expand the use of ISR-developed studies in an effort to better understand a broad array of social behavior.

ISR Health and Retirement Study adds genetic data to NIH database
The University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study, a 20-year nationwide survey of the health, economic, and social status of older Americans conducted by the U-M Institute for Social Research (ISR), has added genetic … read more >>

Building for the Future 
In 1965, after years of wandering from one temporary location to another, the Institute for Social Research (ISR) opened the doors of its new building on Thompson Street with celebration and a collective sigh of relief… read more >>