A Revolution in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Our country and the world face new and increasingly complicated problems. ISR is at the forefront in developing new ways of thinking and new methods required to understand and solve these problems. More and more, ISR’s traditional social science research has expanded to include environmental factors, biometric and biological data, including genetic material. We are now able to link survey, administrative, health and genetic data, and information about where people live from global positioning information.

ISR is also providing the intellectual and technical expertise to create a new paradigm for comparative global social science. Many of the studies mentioned here have inspired similar studies in dozens of other countries using our questions and methods. The highest quality data from other countries will provide previously unimagined insights into how others are dealing with powerful forces like aging societies or the increase in obesity-related illness. All will benefit from these insights

When combined, these new methods will enable scientists to understand the biological and cultural roots of human behavior and enable policy makers to develop better solutions to problems that extend well beyond the borders of the United States.

In short, ISR is leading the revolutionary change in the Social Sciences.