Daniel Katz Dissertation Fellowship in Survey Methodology and Psychology


Beginning with the 2014 award, the Fellowship will support students in the Michigan Program in Survey Methodology and the Dept. of Psychology in alternate years.

The 2018 Award is open to Ph.D. Candidates in Survey Methodology, while the 2019 Award will be open to Ph.D. Candidates in Psychology.


Daniel Katz sitting at his desk in an office.

Daniel Katz

The Institute for Social Research (ISR) announces the availability of a dissertation fellowship for a graduate student in the Michigan Program in Survey Methodology (MPSM). The purpose of the fellowship is to support a doctoral student in Survey Methodology writing his or her dissertation on a project at the intersection of survey methodology and psychology.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • the quality of the dissertation project,
  • the strength of letters of recommendation,
  • the ability of the student to finish his/her dissertation by end of the term of the award (usually summer of the following year).


Applicants must be candidates and must have completed all the requirements for a Ph.D. in the Michigan Program in Survey Methodology except the dissertation defense. Preference will be given to students early in the writing process.


The award provides a stipend of $22,000, usually over 12 months. The recipient can elect to begin the award during the Spring/Summer or Fall term.

Application Procedures

Applications should include:

  • The title of the proposed project
  • An up-to-date academic transcript
  • A current CV
  • Two letters of recommendation that address the strengths of the dissertation project. One must be from the dissertation advisor.
  • A brief [three-page] description of the project, timeline, relationship to the work at ISR, and any relationship it has with the work of Daniel Katz.

Applications are accepted in electronic format. Please submit your application in as few files as possible in Portable Document Format (pdf), and named with the applicant’s last name (e.g., Smith-Katz App.pdf). Applications and questions about the award should be sent to Jennifer Puckett (jjblanch@umich.edu). Note, letters of recommendation may be sent directly by the writer in either electronic or hard copy format (6065 ISR Campus Zip 1248).

Application Deadlines

The deadline for submission is the last Friday in February at 4:00 p.m. Final decisions will be made by March 31st, and funds will be available as early as May 1st.

Katz Fellows

Chris Antoun, 2014 Katz Fellow. Read his profile.

Chris Antoun, 2014 Katz Fellow. Read his profile.

Felicitas Mittereder, 2017
H. Yanna Yan, 2016
David Lee, 2015
Christopher Antoun, 2014
George Smith, 2013
Ryan Bremner, 2012
Nina Strohminger, 2011
Igor Grossmann, 2010
Heather Fuller-Iglesias, 2008
Nicholas Bowman, 2007
Justin Jager, 2006
Katherine Fiori, 2005
Shawna Lee, 2004
Janxin Leu, 2003