Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Many Voices. Our Michigan.

The Institute for Social Research (ISR) seeks to develop, strengthen, and diversify its research faculty, students, and staff. ISR and its constituent centers have a strong commitment to the diversity of our institution because we recognize that having a diverse organization improves the quality of our scientific research. Diverse perspectives strengthen our ability to study a diverse society. We work to value all participants in the research process, including faculty, students, staff, study participants, and data users. ISR is committed to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive organization so that we can learn from one another to sustain and continually revitalize our research and training activities.

The aim of strengthening and promoting diversity is integral to all aspects of ISR: hiring, training and instruction, and scientific research. We recognize that by promoting diversity we will advance ISR’s mission. This five-year (2016-2021) strategic plan outlines a framework to address the following priority goals:

  • Create an inclusive, welcoming environment with collegial relationships and interactions at all levels
  • Adopt best practices to encourage diversity in faculty, staff, and student hiring
  • Recruit diverse faculty by creating a pipeline of young scholars who are prepared and interested in working in the intense research and entrepreneurial environment of ISR
  • Strengthen faculty and staff through effective mentoring and leadership development
  • Recruit diverse students into our training programs

We are committed to implementing the objectives in this plan by integrating these activities into all our operations.

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