DEI Strategic Planning

DEI Planning Committee
Dr. Reuben Miller speaks at ISR on mass incarceration 2016
Planning Lead 
Maggie Levenstein

Planning Team
Faculty Steering Committee
Maggie Levenstein, SRC – Chair
Arline Geronimus, PSC
Vince Hutchings, CPS
Jukka Savolainen, ICPSR
Robert Taylor, RCGD

Staff Committee
Chris Allan, CIS
Nichole Burnside, PSC
Natalie Dushane, RCGD
Lavelvet Harrison, SRC
Yioryos Nardis, CPS
Alison Stroud, ICPSR

Teaching and Training Committee
Sarah Burgard, PSC
Fred Conrad, SRC/SMP‐JPSM
Maggie Hicken, SRC/SMP
Sunghee Lee, SRC/SMP
Jim Lepkowski, SRC/Summer Institute
Saundra Schneider, ICPSR/Summer Program

Human Resources Consultants
Julie Adlhoch, SRO/SRC
Rita Bantom, ICPSR
Derek Moss, CIS
Marlene Smith, SRC

Kathy Taylor, SRC
Aneesa Buageila, SRC

Faculty, staff help shape ISR, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan” – ISR’s January 2016 Town Hall Meeting.

Letter to ISR Community from ISR Director David Lam, announcing DEI Initiative,  October 29, 2015.

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