FAQ – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

1. What is the Institute for Social Research (ISR) implementation plan for diversity?

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The ISR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategic planning process was initiated by President Mark Schlissel on September 9, 2015.  Visit http://diversity.umich.edu/strategic-plan/ for more information about the university-wide strategic planning process. At ISR, the DEI Planning Committees submitted the ISR DEI Strategic Plan to the Office of the Provost for review on May 26, 2016. The plan was edited and returned to ISR to for implementation in October 2016. The five-year ISR DEI Strategic Plan is available here. ISR Director David Lam has assembled a DEI Implementation Committee to guide the implementation of the plan. Learn more about them here.

2. I worked with my center to submit feedback; why are my comments not reflected in the strategic plan?

Thank you for taking the time to comment on the ISR DEI strategic plan. Your contribution has helped shaped the strategic plan, and we attempted to integrate the intent, if not always the specifics, of all suggestions in the draft. The strategic plan is a living document that will be continually edited and updated. All comments have been saved and will be used during the implementation stages of the plan. Please email ISR-DEI-plan@umich.edu  or complete the DEI Feedback form if you have more information to share.

3. In previous years, ISR had a diversity committee. Were any of those experiences and initiatives taken into account? Why are we re-creating the wheel?

In the past, each center has approached DEI differently. The current strategic plan is providing a framework for all of ISR to address DEI, and is not center specific.  The ISR Director’s Advisory Committee on Diversity (DACD) will continue to play an important role in implementing parts of the strategic plan.

4. Once the strategic plan is in place and I feel my center or some other unit is not implementing (or appropriately implementing) the strategic objectives, how can I report my concerns?

  1. Anonymously through ISR website using the DEI Feedback Form all anonymous reports will be reviewed by the ISR Implementation Committee
  2. Email ISR-DEI-plan@umich.edu

Tam Elisabeth Perry speaks at MUCAAAR5. The statistical data and text is not truly reflective of ISR or ISR educational programs.

The statistical data was captured during a short period of time. It is a snapshot, rather than a complete picture, of the ISR community and its constituents. Going forth, our goal is to provide consistent data for ISR’s employees and educational programs. In some cases, that means amending application forms. In other cases, it means collecting data from the appropriate offices. We will not capture any data that has not been approved by University of Michigan standard practices.

6. What is the rationale behind comparing ISR to the local market?

Most staff hires are pulled from the immediate geographic location. Because ISR is located in Ann Arbor, MI, we used demographics from the United States Census for Washtenaw County. This is a straightforward, though imperfect, proxy of the local labor market candidate pool.

7. How are international students and visiting professors captured in the strategic plan statistics?

ISR serves as home to many international students and visiting professors. We have to do a better job at capturing all ISR appointments to illustrate our global community. Currently, we do not have data that reflects our international constituents. See Question 5, above.

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