DEI Implementation Announcement

Letter to ISR Community

Dear ISR Community,

The campuswide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Planning Initiative is reaching its final stages, and we’re preparing to begin the implementation phase. Thank you for providing the valuable input that formed our strategic plan, currently under review by the U-M DEI Executive Leadership Team.

I would like to thank Maggie Levenstein for tirelessly representing ISR during the strategic planning stages. I would also like to recognize the members of the three DEI committees for their hard work. As we transition to implementation, I am pleased to announce that Sarah Burgard will serve as the ISR DEI Implementation Lead and Nichole Burnside will serve as the DEI Implementation Coordinator.

Sarah Burgard

Sarah Burgard is an associate professor of sociology and epidemiology and a research associate professor in both the Survey Research Center and Population Studies Center. Her research interests include ways systems of stratification and inequality impact the health of people and populations. She also serves as the director of graduate studies in the Department of Sociology. Sarah’s already familiar with the DEI planning, as she served on the ISR’s Teaching and Training Committee.

Nichole Burnside

Nichole Burnside is a research process coordinator in the Population Studies Center with 15 years of experience working at U-M. Her background includes increasing enrollment of underrepresented groups in clinical research as researcher administrator and co-developing the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR) Community Engagement Pilot grant program. She served on the ISR DEI Staff Committee and was instrumental in assisting Maggie during the strategic planning phases.

I am grateful to have both Sarah and Nichole guide ISR as we begin implementing our DEI plan.

I am in the process of creating a DEI Implementation Committee and will be announcing the members soon. The campuswide launch for DEI is scheduled to begin in October. ISR, in conjunction with U-M, will host a launch event with more details to follow. The ISR draft DEI plan is available at Questions or comments can be sent to or via anonymous feedback form. To learn more about the U-M overall planning process visit



David Lam
Director, Institute for Social Research
Professor, Department of Economics
University of Michigan; 734-763-2491

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