DACD Needs You!

The Director’s Advisory Committee on Diversity (DACD) is seeking new members for two-year terms set to start in October 2017. Faculty and staff from across ISR are encouraged to volunteer. DACD is looking for candidates who have enthusiasm for furthering ISR’s commitment to diversity.

ISR strives to provide a diverse work environment through awareness, education and recognition of the value of each individual. This includes recognizing the limitations of stereotypes, such as those constructed around race, gender, ancestry, sexual orientation, ability or world view, and appreciating the positive contributions that diverse experiences bring to ISR as a workplace.

DACD advises the ISR Director on a wide range of issues related to diversity, workplace tolerance, and climate improvement. Members of DACD also coordinate and plan other diversity-related events throughout the year. Past activities have included participating in the design and analysis of the ISR climate survey; developing and supporting the Common Interest Groups program, including ISR Reads; initiating Getting to Know ISR and Lunch & Learn programming; co-sponsoring symposiums and the A2 Data Dive; and supporting the ISR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion planning process.

Candidates should be available to meet on the second Monday of the month from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. and to spend additional time on subcommittee work. Committee terms may be extended upon request. Please obtain your supervisor’s approval for this volunteer effort before committing.

Interested candidates should submit their name and a brief statement of their interest in and/or experience with diversity issues to dacdmembership@umich.edu by Friday, May 12. Appointment to DACD is made by the ISR Director, with the advice and guidance of the committee.

Send questions to Kathleen O’Sullivan-Cook: kmosulli@umich.edu or 647-1293.

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