The following table contains the names titles, and Center affiliations of ISR senior staff and researchers. Select a person’s name for more information.

If you want to contact a member of the staff whose name is not listed, check for them in the U of M Directory.

All . Faculty . Senior Staff

Allen-West, CatherineCommunications SpecialistCPS
Baily, SpencerResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Ballo, JaneAssistant To The DirectorCIS
Bantom, Rita YoungHr Officer LeadICPSR
Barr, Nancy E.Communications ManagerPSC
Batts, Carolyn J.Accounting Unit Supervisor
Beattie-Massey, AnnaMeetings/Special Events MgrCIS
Benson, Grant D.Survey DirectorSRC
Brackenridge, CherylFacilities Coordinator/ManagerCIS
Burrell, DieterStudent Affairs Program MgrICPSR
Carpenter, Stephanie L.Cont Edu Conf/Wrkshp Edu CoordICPSR
Chardoul, Stephanie A.Survey DirectorSRC
Chatain, Kelly A.Associate ArchivistCIS, SRC
Corden, GinResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Cosby, EvanResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Del Norte, SaraResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Detterman, Linda M.Marketing DirectorICPSR
Elder, Violet A.AdministratorPSC
Engholm, Tara L.Administrative SpecialistCIS
Esau, Jill M.Student Administration ManagerSRC
Garrett, Jennifer A.Administrative Assistant InterPSC
Guttman, Mary C.Business Administrator LeadRCGD
Hemingway, Lloyd FateSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Howell, David A.Research Senior SupervisorCPS
Kaikati, RobertDesktop Support Specialist SrRCGD
Knight-Ingram, DoryEditor SeniorICPSR
Maddix, Lori LeighBusiness Administrator LeadCPS
Maher, PattyDirector, SROCIS, SRC
Moss, DerekHr Officer Lead
Munn, Steven J.Desktop Support ManagerSRC
Opal, Barbara A.Secretary SeniorCPS
Overholser, MichelleAdministrative Assistant SrICPSR
Parker, Sharon K.Survey DirectorSRC
Pennell, Beth-EllenDirector, SRC - International UnitSRC
Reynolds, JodyOperations Director, ISRCIS
Ridley, Lee J.Info Resources Assistant InterPSC, SRC
Rigg, KurtDivision Controller
Shields, PatrickDevelopment Director Senior, ISRCIS
Shimko, StephanieAdministrative Assistant InterSRC
Smith, MarleneHr Officer LeadSRC
Smith, Jennifer J.Research Process ManagerSRC
Tewksbury, GregoryAdministrative DirectorCIS
Thibault, CatherineBusiness Administration Staff SpecialistSRC
Winter, Diane M.Business Administrator LeadICPSR
Zhao, KoryPublic Relations ManagerCIS