The following table contains the names titles, and Center affiliations of ISR senior staff and researchers. Select a person’s name for more information.

If you want to contact a member of the staff whose name is not listed, check for them in the U of M Directory.

All . Faculty . Senior Staff

Adlhoch, JulieHr Officer SeniorSRC
Aghababian-Homburg, BarbaraSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Arrieta, JenniferSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Ballo, JaneAssistant To The DirectorCIS
Barr, Nancy ECommunications ManagerPSC
Batra, Peter RakeshSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Blankenship, LindsayResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Blough, Marcus EdwardData Security Analyst SeniorSRC
Brackenridge, CherylFacilities Coordinator/ManagerCIS
Brooks, CherolynResearch Process ManagerSRC
Casey, Dianne GSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Chatain, Kelly AAssociate ArchivistCIS, SRC
Chen, XiaoyingResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Clemens, JudithSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Cogan, Christy AnnPayroll Analyst Senior
Connett, William EIS Operations DirectorSRC
Crane, SarahSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Cross, Kerri-Anne SullivanResearch Process Sr ManagerCIS, PSC
De Witt, John PProject Intermediate ManagerPSC
Detterman, Linda MMarketing DirectorICPSR
Donoso, Juan CarlosSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Dopp, ErnestResearch Technician SeniorSRC
Dworak, PiotrSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Ebersole, AshleyResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Elder, Violet ABusiness Administrator LeadPSC
Esau, Jill MStudent Administration ManagerSRC
Freeland, SaraSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Fu, YanInformation Resources ManagerPSC
Gay, SuzanneClerk SeniorSRC
Grey-Farquharson, DonnaleeSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Guttman, Mary CBusiness Administrator LeadRCGD
Hanger, MatthewResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Hemingway, Lloyd FateSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Hinchey, Jacqui JResearch Process ManagerSRC
Howell, David AResearch Senior SupervisorCPS
Hupp, AndrewSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Hutchings, StuartSystems Analyst SeniorICPSR
Jackson, JeannetteProgram ManagerRCGD
Jastrzembowski, Ann MHr Assistant SeniorICPSR
Johnston, MatthewResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Ke, LihshwuDatabase Administrator SeniorSRC
Kim, Kil-SangResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Kirkwood, MichalResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Knight-Ingram, DoryEditor SeniorICPSR
Kreps, ErikFinancial Specialist SeniorSRC
LaDronka, KathleenSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Larder, KatieResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Liebowitz, Catherine Marie-PanchulaResearch Process Sr ManagerSRC
Maddix, Lori LeighBusiness Administrator LeadCPS
Maher, PattyDirector, SROCIS, SRC
Marciniec, LindsayResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Mathur, ArunCustomer Help Desk Tech SeniorICPSR
Matuzak, JoeSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Monzon, BiancaResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Morley, MatthewResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Munn, Steven JDesktop Support ManagerSRC
Murphy, ThomasIS Operations DirectorICPSR
Neice, RyanFinancial Intermediate ManagerSRC
Oeffner, Nancy EResearch Process ManagerSRC
Opal, Barbara ASecretary SeniorCPS
Orlowski, RachelSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Ostergren, JasonSoftware Developer SeniorSRC
Pattullo, Genise RIS Help Desk Senior SupervisorSRC
Pennell, Beth-EllenDirector, SRC - International UnitSRC
Peterson, GreggAssociate Director, SROCIS, SRC
Pillars, KateyResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Prieur, NicholasResearch Process ManagerSRC
Pritts, DanielSystems Architect SeniorICPSR
Reynolds, JodyOperations Director, ISRCIS
Ridenour, TerriSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Ridley, Lee JInfo Resources Assistant InterPSC
Rigg, KurtDivision Controller
Scherr, BeckyResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Seymour, MonicaResearch Technician SeniorICPSR
Shields, PatrickDevelopment Director Senior, ISRCIS
Smith, Jennifer JResearch Process ManagerSRC
Snider, Kathryn BResearch Process ManagerSRC
Stargell, FillippoFinancial Specialist SeniorICPSR
Strane, Barbara EResearch Process ManagerSRC
Sullivan, StephanieSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Tewksbury, GregoryAdministrative DirectorCIS
Thibault, CatherineBusiness Administration Staff SpecialistSRC
Toaz, MatthewData Security Analyst SeniorSRC
Ullman, Esther HSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Winter, Diane MBusiness Administrator LeadICPSR
Wright, Timothy DResearch Technician SeniorSRC
Wyche McGee, BridgitteSurvey Specialist SeniorSRC
Zhao, KoryPublic Relations ManagerCIS