The following table contains the names and titles of ISR senior staff and Research Scientists. In many cases you can select a person’s name to link to more information.

If you want to contact a member of the staff whose name is not listed or linked below, you may look for them in the U of M Directory.

All . Faculty . Senior Staff

Alcser, Kirsten HaakanSurvey Director
Barr, Nancy ECommunications Manager
Benson, Grant DSurvey Director
Brackenridge, Cheryl Facilities Coordinator/Manager
Brooks, Cherolyn Research Process Manager
Chardoul, Stephanie ASurvey Director
Connett, William EIs Operations Director
Cross, Kerri-Anne SullivanResearch Process Sr Manager
De Witt, John PProject Intermediate Manager
Detterman, Linda MMarketing Director
Elder, Violet AAssistant Director, Population Studies Center
Esau, Jill MStudent Administration Manager
Fu, Yan Information Resources Manager
Gatward, Rebecca Survey Director
Gebler, Nancy JSurvey Director
Guttman, Mary CBusiness Administrator Lead
Guyer, Heidi MarieSurvey Director
Hinchey, Jacqui JResearch Process Manager
Holland, Lisa Survey Director
House, Meredith ASurvey Director
Howell, David AResearch Senior Supervisor
Hudson, Margaret LeeSurvey Director
Jackson, Jeannette Program Manager
Kirgis, Nicole GSurvey Director
Kruger-Ndiaye, Shonda RSurvey Director
Leissou, Evanthia Survey Director
Liebowitz, Catherine Marie-PanchulaResearch Process Sr Manager
Maddix, Lori LeighBusiness Administrator Lead
Maher, Patty Director
Mendes de Leon, Carlos Research Affiliate
Munn, Steven JDesktop Support Manager
Murphy, Thomas Is Operations Director
Needham, Belinda LResearch Affiliate
Neice, Ryan Financial Intermediate Manager
Oeffner, Nancy EResearch Process Manager
Parker, Sharon KSurvey Director
Pennell, Steven GSurvey Director
Pennell, Beth-Ellen Director
Peterson, Gregg Associate Director
Prieur, Nicholas Research Process Manager
Reynolds, Jody Operations Director
Ridley, Lee JInfo Resources Assistant
Scott, Lesli JoSurvey Director
Shields, Patrick Development Director Senior
Smith, Jennifer JResearch Process Manager
Snider, Kathryn BResearch Process Manager
Stoddard, Sarah AnneResearch Affiliate
Strane, Barbara EResearch Process Manager
Tewksbury, Gregory Administrative Director
Ward, Barbara LohrSurvey Director
Winter, Diane MBusiness Administrator Lead
Zhao, Kory Public Relations Manager