The following table contains the names titles, and Center affiliations of ISR senior staff and researchers. Select a person’s name for more information.

If you want to contact a member of the staff whose name is not listed, check for them in the U of M Directory.

All . Faculty . Senior Staff

Abramowitz, Joelle HillaryAssistant Research ScientistSRC
Ackerman, Joshua MFaculty AssociateRCGD
Adhvaryu, Achyuta RFaculty AssociatePSC
Agrawal, Arun Faculty AssociateCPS
Ajrouch, Kristine JAdjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Akiyama, Hiroko SResearch Associate ProfessorSRC
Akmon, Dharma RaellResearch InvestigatorICPSR
Almirall, DanielResearch Assistant ProfessorPSC, SRC
Alter, George CResearch ProfessorICPSR, PSC
Anderson, Barbara AResearch ProfessorPSC
Ang, Yuen YuenFaculty AssociateCPS
Angelucci, ManuelaAssistant ProfessorPSC
Antonucci, Toni CResearch ProfessorSRC
Armstrong, Elizabeth AFaculty AssociatePSC
Askew, Kelly MFaculty AssociateCPS
Atran, Scott Adjunct Research ScientistRCGD
Axinn, William GResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Bachman, Jerald GResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Bailey, Martha JResearch Associate ProfessorPSC
Baker, Wayne EFaculty AssociateSRC
Ball, Deborah LResearch ProfessorSRC
Bao, Shuming Associate Research ScientistICPSR
Barber, Jennifer SResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Bednar, Jennifer LResearch ProfessorCPS
Benjamin, Daniel JAdjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Benki, Jose RAdjunct Assistant Research ScientistSRC
Best, RachelAssistant ProfessorPSC
Birditt, Kira SResearch Associate ProfessorSRC
Bleakley Jr, C CrawfordResearch Associate ProfessorPSC
Bloome, Deirdre RFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Bound, JohnFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Bowman, Phillip JFaculty AssociateRCGD
Boxer, Paul Adjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Brader, Ted Research ProfessorCPS
Brenner, Allison Research InvestigatorSRC
Brick, John MAdjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Brown, Charles CResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Brown, Daniel GResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Bruch, Elizabeth EResearch Associate ProfessorPSC
Buchmueller, Thomas CFaculty AssociatePSC
Burgard, Sarah AFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Burks, Jeffrey GFaculty AssociateRCGD
Burns, Nancy EResearch ProfessorCPS
Bushman, Brad JAdjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Cafarella, Michael JFaculty AssociateSRC
Caldwell, Cleopatra HFaculty AssociateRCGD
Cantor, David IAdjunct Research Associate ProfessorSRC
Cech, Erin AAssistant ProfessorPSC
Chandler, Jesse JAdjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Chatters, Linda MFaculty AssociateRCGD
Chen, Jowei Research Associate ProfessorCPS
Chen, Yan Research ProfessorRCGD
Chock, David PAdjunct Research ScientistRCGD
Clarke, Philippa JResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Colabianchi, Natalie Research Assistant ProfessorSRC
Conrad, Frederick GProgram DirectorSRC
Cook, Lisa DAdjunct Research Associate ProfessorSRC
Corcoran, Mary EResearch Associate ProfessorSRC
Corning, Amy DAdjunct Assistant Research ScientistSRC
Couper, Michael PResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Curtin, Richard TResearch Associate ProfessorSRC
Dal Cin, SonyaResearch Associate ProfessorRCGD
Davenport, Christian Faculty AssociateCPS
Davis, Gerald FFaculty AssociateSRC
Davis-Kean, Pamela EResearch ProfessorPSC, RCGD, SRC
Diemer, Matt Faculty AssociateRCGD
Dubow, Eric FResearch ProfessorRCGD
Dunning, David AFaculty AssociateRCGD
Earl, Allison NFaculty AssociateRCGD
Eccles, Jacquelynne SResearch Professor Emeritus/ARCGD
Edelstein, Robin StaceyFaculty AssociateRCGD
Eisenberg, DanielFaculty AssociatePSC
Elliott, Michael RResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Ellsworth, Phoebe CFaculty AssociateRCGD
Evans-Polce, Rebecca Research InvestigatorSRC
Falk, Emily Adjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Fang, Chichun Assistant Research ScientistSRC
Fariss, Christopher JenningsFaculty AssociateCPS
Farley, ReynoldsProfessor EmeritusPSC
Faul, Jessica DAssociate Research ScientistPSC, SRC
Fay III, Robert Robert EAdjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Featherman, DavidResearch Professor EmeritusPSC
Fomby, PaulaAssociate Research ScientistPSC, SRC
Ford, KathleenResearch AffiliatePSC
Franzese Jr, Robert Robert JResearch ProfessorCPS
Freedman, Vicki AFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Frey, William HResearch ProfessorPSC
Fricke, Thomas EResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Gallagher, Mary EResearch Associate ProfessorCPS
Garcia, Stephen MFaculty AssociateRCGD
Garcia, John AResearch Professor Emeritus/AICPSR
Gerber, Elisabeth Faculty AssociateCPS
Geronimus, Arline TResearch ProfessorPSC
Ghimire, Dirgha JFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Gonzalez, Richard DCenter Director, RCGDRCGD
Gould-Werth, Alix MAdjunct Assistant Research ScientistPSC
Green, Carmen RFaculty AssociateRCGD
Grengs, JoeAssociate ProfessorPSC
Hansen, Bendek BFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Harlow, Sioban DProfessorPSC
Harrison, Kristen SFaculty AssociateRCGD
Hart, Philip SFaculty AssociateRCGD
Hassan, Mai Faculty AssociateCPS
Hedstrom, Margaret LFaculty AssociateICPSR
Heeringa, Steven GResearch ScientistPSC, SRC
Hermalin, AlbertResearch Professor EmeritusPSC
Hicken, Allen DResearch Associate ProfessorCPS
Hicken, Margaret TFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Hilton, James LFaculty AssociateRCGD
Ho, Arnold KFaculty AssociateRCGD
Hoelter, Lynette FAssistant Research ScientistICPSR, PSC
House, Christopher LFaculty AssociateSRC
House, James SResearch Professor Emeritus/APSC, SRC
Huesmann, L RResearch ProfessorRCGD
Huntley, Edward Research InvestigatorSRC
Hussain, Muzammil MFaculty AssociateCPS
Hutchings, Vincent LResearch ProfessorCPS
Hyde, Luke WFaculty AssociateSRC
Ichino, Nahomi Faculty AssociateCPS
Inglehart, Ronald FResearch ProfessorCPS, PSC
Iwashyna, TheodoreFaculty AssociateSRC
Jackson, James SResearch ProfessorRCGD
Jacob, Robin TResearch Associate ProfessorSRC
Jacoby, William Adjunct Faculty AssociateICPSR
Jekielek, Susan MAssistant Research ScientistICPSR, PSC
Johnson, David ScottResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Johnston, Lloyd DResearch ProfessorSRC
Johnston, JeromeResearch Professor EmeritusRCGD
Jones, AndrewResearch Assistant ProfessorPSC
Kabo, Felichism WAssistant Research ScientistSRC
Kaczmirek, LarsAdjunct Assistant Research ScientistCPS
Kahn, Robert LResearch Scientist EmeritusSRC
Kahng, Sang KAdjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Karimova, AlfiaAssistant Research ScientistPSC
Keating, Daniel PResearch ProfessorSRC
Kerner, Andrew MFaculty AssociateCPS
Kessler, Ronald CAdjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Kimball, Miles SResearch Professor EmeritusPSC
Kinder, Donald RResearch ProfessorCPS
King, Anthony PFaculty AssociateRCGD
Kitayama, Shinobu Research ProfessorRCGD
Knodel, John EProfessor EmeritusPSC
Kollman, Kenneth WCenter Director, CPSCPS
Koremenos, Barbara Faculty AssociateCPS
Krause, NealProfessor Emeritus/APSC
Kreuter, Frauke Adjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Kross, Ethan FFaculty AssociateRCGD
Kruger, Daniel JAdjunct Faculty AssociatePSC
Kumar, Revathy Adjunct Assistant Research ScientistSRC
Kusunoki, Yasamin YFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Lahiri, Parthasarathi Adjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Laitner, John PResearch ProfessorSRC
Lam, David ADirector, ISRCIS, PSC
Langa, Kenneth MResearch ProfessorSRC
Lantz, Paula MProfessorPSC
Lee, Sunghee Associate Research ScientistSRC
Lee, Shawna JFaculty AssociateRCGD
Leonard, Susan HAssociate Research ScientistICPSR, PSC
Lepkowski, James MResearch Professor Emeritus/APSC, SRC
Levenstein, Margaret CCenter Director, ICPSRICPSR, PSC, SRC
Levy, Helen GResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Li, Yan Adjunct Research Associate ProfessorSRC
Liberzon, Israel Faculty AssociateRCGD
Little, Daniel EFaculty AssociateICPSR
Little, Roderick JResearch ProfessorSRC
Low, BobbiProfessorPSC
Luong, Pauline JFaculty AssociateCPS
Lupia, Arthur Research ProfessorCPS
Maggs, Jennifer LAdjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Marans, Robert WResearch Professor Emeritus/ASRC
Marcotte, John EArchivistICPSR, PSC
Martin, Andrew DFaculty AssociateCPS
Massey, CatherineAssistant Research ScientistPSC
Maxwell, Christopher DFaculty AssociateICPSR
McFall, Brooke HAssistant Research ScientistSRC
McGonagle, Katherine AResearch ScientistSRC
McGovern, Nancy YFaculty AssociateICPSR
McNally, James WAssociate Research ScientistICPSR
Mebane Jr, Walter Walter RFaculty AssociateCPS
Mehta, Neil KishorFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Mendes de Leon, CarlosProfessorPSC
Mickey, Robert WFaculty AssociateCPS
Miech, Richard AResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Miller, Kevin FFaculty AssociateRCGD
Miller, Reuben JFaculty AssociatePSC
Miller, Sarah MFaculty AssociatePSC
Miller, Jon DResearch ScientistCPS
Min, Brian KResearch Associate ProfessorCPS
Mitchell, Colter MFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Mneimneh, Zeina NAssistant Research ScientistSRC
Mohai, Paul Faculty AssociateSRC
Moje, Elizabeth BFaculty AssociateRCGD
Monk, Christopher SFaculty AssociateSRC
Montaquila, Jill MAdjunct Research Associate ProfessorSRC
Morenoff, Jeffrey DCenter Director, PSCPSC, SRC
Morrison, Frederick JFaculty AssociateSRC
Morrow, James DResearch ProfessorCPS
Mueller-Smith, Michael GResearch FellowPSC
Murphy, Alexandra KFaculty AssociatePSC
Murphy, Susan AResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Myers, James DAssociate Research ScientistICPSR
Nahum-Shani, Inbal Research Assistant ProfessorSRC
Nair, Vijayan NFaculty AssociateSRC
Nathan, Noah LouisFaculty AssociateCPS
Needham, Belinda LAssistant ProfessorPSC
Neidert, Lisa JAssistant Research ScientistPSC
Neighbors, Harold WAdjunct Research ProfessorICPSR
Nisbett, Richard EResearch ProfessorRCGD
Nordaas, Ragnhild Faculty AssociateCPS
Norton, EdwardProfessorPSC
O'Malley, Patrick MResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Ofstedal, Mary BResearch ScientistPSC, SRC
Ostfeld, Mara CeciliaFaculty AssociateCPS
Owen-Smith, Jason DResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Oyserman, Daphna RAdjunct Research ProfessorRCGD
Page, Scott EResearch ProfessorCPS
Panapasa, Sela VAssistant Research ScientistRCGD
Pasek, Joshua MFaculty AssociateCPS
Patrick, Megan EResearch Associate ProfessorPSC, SRC
Penner, Louis AAdjunct Research ScientistRCGD
Perron, Brian EFaculty AssociatePSC
Perry, Tam EAdjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Peytchev, Andrey AResearch Assistant ProfessorSRC
Pfeffer, Fabian TFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Pienta, Amy MAssociate Research ScientistICPSR, PSC
Pilkauskas, Natasha VAssistant ProfessorPSC
Pitcher, M AFaculty AssociateCPS
Prescott, James JFaculty AssociatePSC
Presser, Stanley Adjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Price, Richard HResearch Professor Emeritus/ASRC
Raghunathan, Trivellore ECenter Director, SRCPSC, SRC
Raimi, KaitlinFaculty AssociateRCGD
Ratliff, Briana MAdjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Renne, ElishaProfessorPSC
Reuter-Lorenz, Patricia AFaculty AssociateSRC
Rhode, Paul WFaculty AssociatePSC
Roberts, Elizabeth FSFaculty AssociateRCGD
Ronfeldt, Matthew SFaculty AssociateSRC
Rowan, Brian PResearch ProfessorSRC
Rust, Keith FAdjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Ryan, Lindsay HAssistant Research ScientistSRC
Ryan, Joseph PFaculty AssociatePSC
Saleem, Muniba Faculty AssociateRCGD
Sandvig, Christian EFaculty AssociateCPS
Sastry, M LakshminarayanResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Savolainen, JukkaResearch ProfessorICPSR, PSC
Schilling, Stephen GAssociate Research ScientistSRC
Schneider, Saundra Research ScientistICPSR
Schoeni, Robert FResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Schulenberg, John EResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Schwarz, Norbert WAdjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Seefeldt, KristinAssistant ProfessorPSC
Seifert, Colleen MFaculty AssociateRCGD
Sekaquaptewa, Denise JFaculty AssociateRCGD
Sellers, Robert MFaculty AssociateRCGD
Shaefer, Harry LFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Shanks, Trina RFaculty AssociateSRC
Shapiro, Matthew DResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Sherman, CareyAssistant Research ScientistSRC
Shumway, Tyler GFaculty AssociateSRC
Silverman, Daniel SAdjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Singer, EleanorResearch Professor Emeritus/APSC, SRC
Smith, Jeffrey AResearch ProfessorPSC
Smith, Jacqueline EResearch ProfessorPSC, RCGD, SRC
Smith, JenniferResearch Assistant ProfessorSRC
Smock, Pamela JResearch ProfessorPSC
Sonnega, Amanda JAssistant Research ScientistSRC
Soroka, Stuart Faculty AssociateCPS
Staff, Jeremy Adjunct Research Associate ProfessorSRC
Stafford, Frank PResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Starr, Sonja BFaculty AssociatePSC
Stephens Jr, Melvin MelvinFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Stephenson, Robert BFaculty AssociatePSC
Stern, Alexandra MinnaFaculty AssociatePSC
Stoddard, Sarah AnneAssistant ProfessorPSC
Stolyarov, Dmitriy LFaculty AssociateSRC
Strassmann, Beverly IFaculty AssociateRCGD
Suzer Gurtekin, Tuba Assistant Research ScientistSRC
Sylvester, Kenneth MAdjunct Research Associate ProfessorICPSR, PSC
Tang, Sandra Research InvestigatorSRC
Taylor, Robert JFaculty AssociateRCGD
Tessler, Mark AResearch ProfessorCPS
Thompson, Heather AnnProfessorPSC
Thornton, Arland DResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Thornton, Rebecca LynnAdjunct Research Associate ProfessorPSC
Titiunik, Rocio Research Associate ProfessorCPS
Traugott, Michael WResearch Professor Emeritus/ACPS
Trentacosta, Christopher JAdjunct Research Associate ProfessorSRC
Troiano, Ugo AFaculty AssociateCPS
Tyson, Scott AFaculty AssociateCPS
Uler, Neslihan Adjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Valentino, Nicholas AResearch ProfessorCPS
Valliant, Richard LResearch Professor Emeritus/ASRC
Van Den Bulck, Jan Faculty AssociateRCGD
Veinot, Tiffany C.E.Associate ProfessorPSC
Veliz, Philip TFaculty AssociateSRC
Verbrugge, Lois MResearch Professor EmeritaPSC
Vinokur, Amiram Research Professor Emeritus/ASRC
Vinovskis, Maris AResearch ProfessorCPS
Wagner, James RResearch Associate ProfessorPSC, SRC
Ware, Erin BResearch InvestigatorSRC
Watkins Jacobs, Daphne CFaculty AssociateRCGD
Webster, Noah JAssistant Research ScientistSRC
Weeks, Brian Faculty AssociateCPS
Weir, David RResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Weissman, Daniel HowardFaculty AssociateRCGD
West, Brady TResearch Associate ProfessorPSC, SRC
Wethington, Elaine Adjunct Research ProfessorSRC
Willis, Robert JResearch ProfessorPSC, SRC
Wilson, Colwick MAdjunct Faculty AssociateRCGD
Witkowski, Kristine MAssistant Research ScientistICPSR, PSC
Xu, HongweiFaculty AssociatePSC, SRC
Yang, Dean CResearch ProfessorPSC
Yaya, Mehmet Adjunct Research Associate ProfessorSRC
Ybarra, Oscar Faculty AssociateRCGD
Yoon, Yung-Jin CFaculty AssociateRCGD
Zahodne, Laura BethFaculty AssociateSRC
Zhukov, Yuri Faculty AssociateCPS
Zivin, KaraFaculty AssociateSRC
Zucker, Robert AFaculty AssociateRCGD