The following table contains the names and titles of ISR senior staff and Research Scientists. In many cases you can select a person’s name to link to more information.

If you want to contact a member of the staff whose name is not listed or linked below, you may look for them in the U of M Directory.

Name Title
Abraham, KatharineAdjunct Res Prof
Akiyama, HirokoResearch Associate Professor
Alcser, KirstenSurvey Director
Alexander, JeffreyFaculty Associate
Almirall, DanielFaculty Research Fellow
Alter, GeorgeResearch Professor
Anderson, BarbaraResearch Professor
Antonucci, ToniResearch Professor
Atran, ScottAdjunct Res Scientist
Axinn, WilliamResearch Professor
Bachman, JeraldResearch Professor
Bailey, MarthaFaculty Associate
Baker, WayneFaculty Associate
Ball, DeborahResearch Professor
Bantom, RitaHr Officer Lead
Barber, JenniferResearch Professor
Barr, N. E.Communications Manager, Population Studies Center
Bednar, JenniferResearch Associate Professor
Beecher, BryanIs Operations Director
Benki, JoseResearch Investigator
Benson, GrantSurvey Director
Bergmann, LukeAdjunct Faculty Associate
Bhandari, PremAsst Res Scientist
Birditt, KiraResearch Asst Professor
Blackburn, ZoanneSurvey Director
Bolkosky, SidneyFaculty Associate
Botchway, AngelicaAsst In Research (temp)
Bothwell, KennieInterviewer Ii (temp)
Bound, JohnResearch Professor
Bowers, JacobAdjunct Faculty Associate
Bowman, PhillipFaculty Associate
Boxer, PaulAdjunct Faculty Associate
Brader, TedResearch Professor
Brenner, PhilipResearch Fellow
Brick, JohnAdjunct Res Prof
Brodish, AmandaResearch Fellow
Brown, CharlesResearch Professor
Brown, DanielResearch Professor
Brown, StephanieFaculty Associate
Bruch, ElizabethAsst Res Scientist
Burgard, SarahAsst Res Scientist
Burns, NancyDirector
Burns, PaulResearch Fellow
Burnstein, EugeneResearch Professor Emeritus
Bynum, TimothyResearch Scientist
Caldwell, CleopatraFaculty Associate
Carter, JackAdjunct Res Investigator
Chardoul, StephanieSurvey Director
Chatters, LindaFaculty Associate
Chen, YanResearch Professor
Chiteji, NginaVisiting Asst Res Sci I
Clarke, PhilippaResearch Assoc Professor
Colabianchi, NatalieResearch Asst Professor
Coleman, KennethFaculty Associate
Conrad, FrederickResearch Professor
Corcoran, MaryResearch Associate Professor
Corning, AmyResearch Investigator
Couper, MickResearch Professor
Cross, Kerri-AnneResearch Manager, Population Studies Center
Curtin, RichardResearch Associate Professor
Dal Cin, SonyaFaculty Associate
Danziger, SheldonResearch Professor
Davis-Kean, PamelaResearch Asst Professor
Delva, JorgeFaculty Associate
Diez Roux, AnaResearch Professor
Do, Diem-PhuongResearch Fellow
Dorius, CassandraResearch Fellow
Dorius, ShawnResearch Fellow
Dougherty, JodySurvey Director
Dreier, JuliaResearch Fellow
Dubow, EricAdjunct Res Scientist
Eccles, JacquelynneResearch Professor
Elder, VioletAssistant Director For Budget And Administration, Population Studies Center
Elliott, MichaelResearch Assoc Professor
Ellsworth, PhoebeFaculty Associate
Farley, ReynoldsResearch Professor Emeritus
Faul, JessicaAssistant Research Scientist
Featherman, DavidResearch Professor
Fink, PatriciaResearch Process Sr Manager
Fisher, GwenithAsst Res Scientist
Ford, BriggettFaculty Associate
Ford, KathleenResearch Affiliate
Ford, RichardFaculty Associate
Franzese Jr, RobertResearch Professor
Freedman, VickiResearch Professor
Frey, WilliamResearch Professor
Fricke, ThomasResearch Professor
Fu, YanInformation Resources Manager, Population Studies Center
Gallagher, MaryFaculty Associate
Garcia, JohnResearch Professor
Garcia, StephenFaculty Associate
Garrett, JessicaResearch Fellow
Gebler, NancySurvey Director
Gerber, ElisabethFaculty Associate
Geronimus, ArlineResearch Professor
Ghimire, DirghaAsst Res Scientist
Giustinelli, PamelaFaculty Research Fellow
Glass, JenniferFaculty Associate
Gonzalez, HectorAdjunct Faculty Associate
Gonzalez, RichardResearch Professor
Gouskova, ElenaResearch Investigator
Granda, PeterArchivist
Graves, KathleenFaculty Associate
Green, CarmenFaculty Associate
Groves, RobertResearch Professor
Grzymala-Busse, AnnaFaculty Associate
Gurin, PatriciaFaculty Associate
Gutmann, MyronResearch Professor
Guttman, MaryBusiness Administrator Lead
Guyer, HeidiSurvey Director
Hansen, BendekFaculty Associate
Hansen, SueIs Operations Director
Harding, DavidResearch Associate Professor
Harlow, SiobanResearch Affiliate
Hedstrom, MargaretFaculty Associate
Heeringa, StevenResearch Scientist
Hicken, AllenFaculty Associate
Hoelter, LynetteResearch Investigator
Hoey, BrianResearch Fellow
House, ChristopherFaculty Associate
House, JamesResearch Professor
Howell, DavidResearch Investigator
Huesmann, L RowellDirector, R C G D
Hutchings, VincentResearch Associate Professor
Inglehart, RonaldResearch Professor
Jackson, JamesDirector
Jackson, JohnFaculty Associate
Jacob, RobinAsst Res Scientist
Jacoby, WilliamResearch Scientist
Johnston, JeromeResearch Professor
Johnston, LloydResearch Professor
Johnston, OnajeResearch Fellow
Jones, RebeccaAccounting Clerk Senior
Kaelin, FrankDesktop Support Spec Inter
Kahng, SangAdjunct Faculty Associate
Kaplan, GeorgeResearch Professor
Keating, DanielResearch Professor
Keene, DanyaResearch Fellow
Kessler, RonaldAdjunct Res Scientist
Kimball, MilesResearch Professor
Kinder, DonaldResearch Professor
Kirgis, NicoleSurvey Director
Kitayama, ShinobuResearch Professor
Knodel, JohnResearch Professor Emeritus
Kollman, KennethResearch Professor
Konrath, SarahAssistant Research Professor
Koremenos, BarbaraFaculty Associate
Kottak, ConradResearch Affiliate
Krause, NealResearch Affiliate
Kreuter, FraukeAdjunct Res Asst Prof
Kross, EthanFaculty Associate
Kumar, RevathyAdjunct Asst Res Sci
Kusunoki, YasaminAssistant Research Scientist
Lahiri, ParthasarathiAdjunct Res Prof
Laitner, JohnResearch Professor
Lam, DavidResearch Professor
Langa, KennethResearch Professor
Lanning, JonathanFaculty Associate
Lee, SungheeAssistant Research Scientist
Lee, ValerieFaculty Associate
Leissou, EvanthiaSurvey Director
Lempert, RichardFaculty Associate
Leonard, SusanAsst Res Scientist
Lepkowski, JamesResearch Professor
Lesthaeghe, RonnyVisiting Res Prof
Levenstein, MargaretResearch Scientist
Levy, HelenResearch Assoc Professor
Li, LydiaResearch Affiliate
Little, DanielFaculty Associate
Little, RoderickResearch Professor
Low, BobbiResearch Affiliate
Lowry, DeborahResearch Fellow
Lupia, ArthurResearch Professor
Maffeo, CarlaAdjunct Res Asst Prof
Maggs, JenniferFaculty Associate
Marans, RobertResearch Professor Emeritus/a
Marcy, SherrySurvey Director
Markus, GregoryResearch Professor
Marteleto, LeticiaResearch Investigator
McEniry, MaryAssociate Research Scientist
McFadden, DanielFaculty Associate
McFall, BrookeAssistant Research Scientist
McGonagle, KatherineAssocate Research Scientist
McNally, JamesResearch Investigator
Mebane Jr, WalterFaculty Associate
Meyendorff, AnnaAsst Res Scientist
Mickey, RobertFaculty Associate
Miller, JonResearch Scientist
Miller, StephenAdjunct Res Asst Prof
Moaddel, MansoorVisiting Res Prof
Mohai, PaulFaculty Associate
Mohler, PeterAdjunct Res Prof
Moje, ElizabethFaculty Associate
Montaquila, JillAdjunct Res Asst Prof
Morenoff, JeffreyResearch Professor
Morgan, DavidAdjunct Res Prof
Morgan, LaurieFaculty Associate
Morrow, JamesResearch Professor
Moss, DerekHr Officer Lead
Murphy, SusanResearch Professor
Musick, MarcAdjunct Res Assoc Prof
Myers III, GeorgeProgram Manager
Nahum-Shani, InbalFaculty Research Fellow
Neidert, LisaDirector, Data Services Core, Population Studies Center
Neighbors, HaroldResearch Professor
Nesse, RandolphResearch Professor
Neuman, WResearch Professor
Nicholas, LaurenFaculty Research Fellow
Nisbett, RichardResearch Professor
Norton, EdwardResearch Affiliate
O'Malley, PatrickResearch Professor
O'Rourke, BarbaraResearch Investigator
Oetting, AlenaResearch Fellow
Ofstedal, Mary BethResearch Scientist
Orbuch, TerriAdjunct Res Prof
Oyserman, DaphnaResearch Professor
Padilla, MarkResearch Affiliate
Page, ScottResearch Professor
Panapasa, SelaResearch Investigator
Park, HyekyungResearch Fellow
Patrick, MeganResearch Assistant Professor
Pearce, LisaAdjunct Res Asst Prof
Pearson, JayResearch Fellow
Peck, StephenResearch Investigator
Pennell, StevenSurvey Director
Penner, LouisAdjunct Res Scientist
Pfeffer, FabianFaculty Research Fellow
Pienta, AmyAssoc Res Scientist
Pierce, PennyFaculty Associate
Presser, StanleyAdjunct Res Prof
Price, RichardResearch Professor
Rabinowitz, JoshuaAsst Res Scientist
Raghunathan, TrivelloreDirector, Survey Research Center
Raudenbush, StephenResearch Professor
Redmond, MichelleResearch Fellow
Renne, ElishaResearch Affiliate
Rhode, PaulFaculty Associate
Richardson, JohnResearch Fellow
Riley, NancyAdjunct Res Prof
Rodgers, WillardResearch Professor Emeritus
Rodriguiz, RicardoDirector, Computing Core, Population Studies Center
Rowan, BrianResearch Professor
Rust, KeithAdjunct Res Prof
Ryan, LindsayResearch Investigator
Salmond, RobertFaculty Associate
Sanchez-Burks, JeffreyFaculty Associate
Sarri, RosemaryResearch Professor Emeritus
Sastry, M LakshminarayanResearch Professor
Savolainen, JukkaResearch Scientist
Schilling, StephenAssistant Research Scientist
Schoeni, RobertResearch Professor
Schork, AnnaAdministrative Director
Schulenberg, JohnResearch Professor
Schwarz, NorbertResearch Professor
Sedo, StanleyAdjunct Res Investigator
Sekaquaptewa, DeniseFaculty Associate
Sellers, RobertFaculty Associate
Sellers, TabbyeFaculty Associate
Shapiro, MatthewResearch Professor
Sherman, CareyResearch Investigator
Shields, PatrickDevelopment Director Senior
Shumway, TylerFaculty Associate
Silverman, DanielFaculty Associate
Simonton, SharonResearch Investigator
Singer, EleanorResearch Professor Emeritus/a
Smith, JacquiResearch Professor
Smith, JeffreyFaculty Associate
Smock, PamelaDirector, Population Studies Center
Snow, RachelResearch Associate Professor
Solon, GaryFaculty Associate
Sonnega, AmandaAssistant Research Scientist
Stafford, FrankResearch Professor
Stawski, RobertFaculty Research Fellow
Stephens Jr, MelvinFaculty Associate
Stolyarov, DmitriyFaculty Associate
Strassmann, BeverlyFaculty Associate
Strickland, JefferyResearch Fellow
Swanbrow, DianeDirector Of Communications
Sylvester, KennethAsst Res Scientist
Tapia Granados, JoseAssistant Research Scientist
Taylor, RobertFaculty Associate
Teachman, JayAdjunct Res Prof
Tessler, MarkResearch Professor
Thibault, CatherineAssistant Director For Administration Survey Research Center
Thomas, OseelaAdjunct Res Investigator
Thornton, ArlandResearch Professor
Thornton, RebeccaFaculty Associate
Traugott, MichaelResearch Professor
Uler, NeslihanResearch Investigator
Valentino, NicholasResearch Associate Professor
Valliant, RichardResearch Professor
Vardigan, MaryAcad &/or Res Prgm Ofcr Inter
Verbrugge, LoisResearch Affiliate
Vinokur, AmiramResearch Professor
Vinovskis, MarisResearch Professor
Volling, BrendaFaculty Associate
Von Stein, JanaFaculty Associate
Wagner, JamesAssistant Research Scientist
Wallace Jr., JohnFaculty Associate
Walton Jr., HanesResearch Professor
Wang, Ming-TeFaculty Research Fellow
Ward, BarbaraSurvey Specialist Senior
Watkins, DaphneFaculty Associate
Webster, NoahResearch Fellow
Weir, DavidResearch Professor
Weitzman, EbenAdjunct Res Assoc Prof
West, BradyResearch Assistant Professor
Wheeler, JohnFaculty Associate
Wiemers, EmilyResearch Fellow
Willis, RobertResearch Professor
Wilson, ColwickAdjunct Faculty Associate
Winter, DianeBusiness Administrator Lead
Witkowski, KristineResearch Investigator
Wong, CaraAdjunct Faculty Associate
Xie, YuResearch Professor
Xu, HongweiFaculty Research Fellow
Yan, TingResearch Fellow
Yang, DeanResearch Affiliate
Yang, Li-ShouResearch Investigator
Ybarra, OscarFaculty Associate
Yeung, Wei-JunAdjunct Res Prof
Yoon, CarolynFaculty Associate
Zimmerman IV, WilliamResearch Professor Emeritus
Zucker, RobertFaculty Associate