The following table contains the names and titles of ISR senior staff and Research Scientists. In many cases you can select a person’s name to link to more information.

If you want to contact a member of the staff whose name is not listed or linked below, you may look for them in the U of M Directory.

Name Title
Abramowitz, JoelleAsst Res Scientist
Ackerman, JoshuaFaculty Associate
Adhvaryu, AchyutaFaculty Associate
Agrawal, ArunFaculty Associate
Akiyama, HirokoResearch Associate Professor
Akmon, DharmaResearch Investigator
Alcser, KirstenSurvey Director
Almirall, DanielResearch Asst Professor
Alter, GeorgeResearch Professor
Anderson, BarbaraResearch Professor
Ang, YuenFaculty Associate
Angelucci, ManuelaFaculty Associate
Antonucci, ToniResearch Professor
Armstrong, ElizabethFaculty Associate
Askew, KellyFaculty Associate
Atran, ScottAdjunct Res Scientist
Axinn, WilliamResearch Professor
Bachman, JeraldResearch Professor
Bailey, MarthaResearch Associate Professor
Baker, WayneFaculty Associate
Ball, DeborahResearch Professor
Bao, ShumingAssoc Res Scientist
Barber, JenniferResearch Professor
Barr, NancyCommunications Manager
Bednar, JenniferResearch Professor
Benjamin, DanielAdjunct Faculty Associate
Benki, JoseAdjunct Asst Res Sci
Benson, GrantSurvey Director
Best, RachelAsst Professor
Birditt, KiraResearch Associate Professor
Bleakley Jr, CResearch Associate Professor
Bloome, DeirdreFaculty Associate
Bound, JohnResearch Professor
Bowman, PhillipFaculty Associate
Boxer, PaulAdjunct Faculty Associate
Brackenridge, CherylFacilities Coordinator/manager
Brader, TedResearch Professor
Brenner, AllisonResearch Investigator
Brooks, CherolynResearch Process Manager
Brown, CharlesResearch Professor
Brown, DanielResearch Professor
Bruch, ElizabethResearch Associate Professor
Buchmueller, ThomasFaculty Associate
Burgard, SarahResearch Associate Professor
Burks, JeffreyFaculty Associate
Burns, NancyResearch Professor
Bushman, BradAdjunct Faculty Associate
Cafarella, MichaelFaculty Associate
Cai, JingFaculty Associate
Caldwell, CleopatraFaculty Associate
Cech, ErinFaculty Associate
Chandler, JesseAdjunct Faculty Associate
Chardoul, StephanieSurvey Director
Chatters, LindaFaculty Associate
Chen, JoweiFaculty Associate
Chen, YanResearch Professor
Clarke, PhilippaResearch Professor
Colabianchi, NatalieResearch Asst Professor
Connett, WilliamIs Operations Director
Conrad, FrederickResearch Professor
Corcoran, MaryResearch Associate Professor
Corning, AmyAdjunct Asst Res Sci
Couper, MichaelResearch Professor
Cross, Kerri-AnneResearch Process Sr Manager
Curtin, RichardResearch Associate Professor
Dal Cin, SonyaResearch Associate Professor
Davenport, ChristianFaculty Associate
Davis, GeraldFaculty Associate
Davis-Kean, PamelaResearch Professor
De Witt, JohnProject Intermediate Manager
Detterman, LindaMarketing Director
Diemer, MattFaculty Associate
Dubow, EricResearch Professor
Dunning, DavidFaculty Associate
Earl, AllisonFaculty Associate
Eccles, JacquelynneResearch Professor Emeritus
Edelstein, RobinFaculty Associate
Eisenberg, DanielFaculty Associate
Elder, VioletAssistant Director, Population Studies Center
Elliott, MichaelResearch Professor
Ellsworth, PhoebeFaculty Associate
Esau, JillStudent Administration Manager
Evans-Polce, RebeccaResearch Investigator
Falk, EmilyAdjunct Faculty Associate
Fang, ChichunAsst Res Scientist
Fariss, ChristopherFaculty Associate
Farley, ReynoldsProfessor Emeritus
Faul, JessicaAssoc Res Scientist
Featherman, DavidResearch Professor Emeritus
Fomby, PaulaAssoc Res Scientist
Ford, KathleenResearch Affiliate
Franzese Jr, RobertResearch Professor
Freedman, VickiResearch Professor
Frey, WilliamResearch Professor
Fricke, ThomasResearch Professor
Fu, YanInformation Resources Manager
Gallagher, MaryResearch Associate Professor
Garcia, StephenFaculty Associate
Garcia, JohnResearch Professor Emeritus
Gatward, RebeccaSurvey Director
Gebler, NancySurvey Director
Gerber, ElisabethFaculty Associate
Geronimus, ArlineResearch Professor
Ghimire, DirghaResearch Associate Professor
Giustinelli, PamelaResearch Asst Professor
Gonzalez, RichardDirector, Research Center For Group Dynamics
Gould-Werth, AlixAdjunct Asst Res Sci
Green, CarmenFaculty Associate
Grengs, JoeAssoc Professor
Griffin, JamieAsst Res Scientist
Guttman, MaryBusiness Administrator Lead
Guyer, HeidiSurvey Director
Hansen, BendekFaculty Associate
Harlow, SiobanProfessor
Harrison, KristenFaculty Associate
Hart, PhilipFaculty Associate
Hassan, MaiFaculty Associate
Hedstrom, MargaretFaculty Associate
Heeringa, StevenResearch Scientist
Hermalin, AlbertResearch Professor Emeritus
Hicken, AllenResearch Associate Professor
Hicken, MargaretResearch Asst Professor
Hilton, JamesFaculty Associate
Hinchey, JacquiResearch Process Manager
Ho, ArnoldFaculty Associate
Hoelter, LynetteAsst Res Scientist
Holland, LisaSurvey Director
House, ChristopherFaculty Associate
House, JamesResearch Professor Emeritus
House, MeredithSurvey Director
Hudson, MargaretSurvey Director
Huesmann, LResearch Professor
Huntley, EdwardResearch Investigator
Hussain, MuzammilFaculty Associate
Hutchings, VincentResearch Professor
Hyde, LukeFaculty Associate
Ichino, NahomiFaculty Associate
Inglehart, RonaldResearch Professor
Iwashyna, TheodoreFaculty Associate
Jackson, JamesResearch Professor
Jackson, JeannetteProgram Manager
Jacob, RobinResearch Associate Professor
Jacoby, WilliamAdjunct Faculty Associate
Jekielek, SusanAsst Res Scientist
Johnson, DavidResearch Professor
Johnston, LloydResearch Professor
Jones, AndrewResearch Affiliate
Kabo, FelichismAsst Res Scientist
Kaczmirek, LarsAdjunct Asst Res Sci
Kahn, RobertRes Scientist Emeritus
Kahng, SangAdjunct Faculty Associate
Karimova, AlfiaResearch Prof. Exempt
Keating, DanielResearch Professor
Kerner, AndrewFaculty Associate
Kimball, MilesResearch Professor
Kinder, DonaldResearch Professor
King, AnthonyFaculty Associate
Kirgis, NicoleSurvey Director
Kitayama, ShinobuResearch Professor
Knodel, JohnProfessor Emeritus
Kollman, KennethDirector, Center For Political Studies
Koremenos, BarbaraFaculty Associate
Krause, NealResearch Affiliate
Kross, EthanFaculty Associate
Kruger, DanielAdjunct Faculty Associate
Kruger-Ndiaye, ShondaSurvey Director
Kumar, RevathyAdjunct Asst Res Sci
Kusunoki, YasaminFaculty Associate
Laitner, JohnResearch Professor
Lam, DavidDirector
Langa, KennethResearch Professor
Lantz, PaulaResearch Affiliate
Lee, SungheeAssoc Res Scientist
Lee, ShawnaFaculty Associate
Leissou, EvanthiaSurvey Director
Leonard, SusanAssoc Res Scientist
Lepkowski, JamesResearch Professor Emeritus
Levenstein, MargaretDirector, Inter-university Consortium For Political And Social Research
Levy, HelenResearch Professor
Liberzon, IsraelFaculty Associate
Liebowitz, CatherineResearch Process Sr Manager
Little, DanielFaculty Associate
Little, RoderickResearch Professor
Low, BobbiResearch Affiliate
Luong, PaulineFaculty Associate
Lupia, ArthurResearch Professor
Maddix, LoriBusiness Administrator Lead
Maggs, JenniferAdjunct Res Prof
Maher, PattyDirector
Marans, RobertResearch Professor Emeritus
Marcotte, JohnArchivist
Martin, AndrewFaculty Associate
Massey, CatherineAsst Res Scientist
Maxwell, ChristopherFaculty Associate
McFall, BrookeAsst Res Scientist
McGonagle, KatherineResearch Scientist
McGovern, NancyFaculty Associate
McNally, JamesAssoc Res Scientist
Mebane Jr, WalterFaculty Associate
Mehta, NeilFaculty Associate
Mendes de Leon, CarlosResearch Affiliate
Mickey, RobertFaculty Associate
Miech, RichardResearch Professor
Miller, KevinFaculty Associate
Miller, ReubenFaculty Associate
Miller, SarahFaculty Associate
Miller, JonResearch Scientist
Min, BrianFaculty Associate
Mitchell, ColterResearch Asst Professor
Mneimneh, ZeinaAsst Res Scientist
Mohai, PaulFaculty Associate
Moje, ElizabethFaculty Associate
Monk, ChristopherFaculty Associate
Morenoff, JeffreyDirector, Population Studies Center
Morrison, FrederickFaculty Associate
Morrow, JamesResearch Professor
Mueller-Smith, MichaelResearch Investigator
Munn, StevenDesktop Support Manager
Murphy, AlexandraFaculty Associate
Murphy, SusanResearch Professor
Murphy, ThomasIs Operations Director
Myers, JamesAssoc Res Scientist
Nahum-Shani, InbalResearch Asst Professor
Nair, VijayanFaculty Associate
Nathan, NoahFaculty Associate
Needham, BelindaResearch Affiliate
Neice, RyanFinancial Intermediate Manager
Neidert, LisaAsst Res Scientist
Neighbors, HaroldAdjunct Res Prof
Nisbett, RichardResearch Scientists
Norton, EdwardResearch Affiliate
O'Malley, PatrickResearch Professor
Oeffner, NancyResearch Process Manager
Ofstedal, MaryResearch Scientist
Ostfeld, MaraFaculty Associate
Owen-Smith, JasonResearch Professor
Page, ScottResearch Professor
Panapasa, SelaAsst Res Scientist
Parker, SharonSurvey Director
Pasek, JoshuaFaculty Associate
Patrick, MeganResearch Associate Professor
Pennell, StevenSurvey Director
Pennell, Beth-EllenDirector
Penner, LouisAdjunct Res Scientist
Perron, BrianFaculty Associate
Perry, TamAdjunct Faculty Associate
Peterson, GreggAssociate Director
Peytchev, AndreyResearch Asst Professor
Pfeffer, FabianResearch Asst Professor
Pienta, AmyAssoc Res Scientist
Pilkauskas, NatashaAsst Professor
Pitcher, MFaculty Associate
Prescott, JamesFaculty Associate
Price, RichardResearch Professor Emeritus
Prieur, NicholasResearch Process Manager
Raghunathan, TrivelloreDirector, Survey Research Center
Ratliff, BrianaAdjunct Faculty Associate
Ravanilla, NicoAdjunct Res Investigator
Renne, ElishaResearch Affiliate
Reuter-Lorenz, PatriciaFaculty Associate
Reynolds, JodyOperations Director
Rhode, PaulFaculty Associate
Roberts, ElizabethFaculty Associate
Rodriguiz, RicardoLan Administration Manager
Ronfeldt, MatthewFaculty Associate
Rowan, BrianResearch Professor
Ryan, LindsayAsst Res Scientist
Ryan, JosephFaculty Associate
Saleem, MunibaFaculty Associate
Sandvig, ChristianFaculty Associate
Sastry, MResearch Professor
Savolainen, JukkaResearch Professor
Schilling, StephenAssoc Res Scientist
Schneider, SaundraResearch Scientist
Schoeni, RobertResearch Professor
Schulenberg, JohnResearch Professor
Scott, LesliSurvey Director
Seefeldt, KristinAssistant Research Scientist
Seifert, ColleenFaculty Associate
Sekaquaptewa, DeniseFaculty Associate
Sellers, RobertFaculty Associate
Shaefer, HarryFaculty Associate
Shanks, TrinaFaculty Associate
Shapiro, MatthewResearch Professor
Sherman, CareyAsst Res Scientist
Shields, PatrickDevelopment Director Senior
Shumway, TylerFaculty Associate
Singer, EleanorResearch Professor Emeritus
Smith, JeffreyResearch Professor
Smith, JacquelineResearch Professor
Smith, JenniferResearch Asst Professor
Smith, JenniferResearch Process Manager
Smock, PamelaResearch Professor
Snider, KathrynResearch Process Manager
Sonnega, AmandaAsst Res Scientist
Soroka, StuartFaculty Associate
Stafford, FrankResearch Professor
Starr, SonjaFaculty Associate
Stephens Jr, MelvinFaculty Associate
Stephenson, RobertFaculty Associate
Stern, AlexandraFaculty Associate
Stoddard, SarahResearch Affiliate
Stolyarov, DmitriyFaculty Associate
Strane, BarbaraResearch Process Manager
Strassmann, BeverlyFaculty Associate
Suzer Gurtekin, TubaAsst Res Scientist
Sylvester, KennethAdjunct Res Assoc Prof
Tang, SandraResearch Investigator
Taylor, RobertFaculty Associate
Tessler, MarkResearch Professor
Tewksbury, GregoryAdministrative Director
Thompson, HeatherProfessor
Thornton, ArlandResearch Professor
Titiunik, RocioFaculty Associate
Traugott, MichaelResearch Professor Emeritus
Troiano, UgoFaculty Associate
Tyson, ScottFaculty Associate
Uler, NeslihanAdjunct Faculty Associate
Valentino, NicholasResearch Professor
Valliant, RichardResearch Professor
Van Den Bulck, JanFaculty Associate
Veinot, TiffanyResearch Affiliate
Veliz, PhilipFaculty Associate
Verbrugge, LoisResearch Affiliate
Vinokur, AmiramResearch Professor Emeritus
Vinovskis, MarisResearch Professor
Wagner, JamesResearch Associate Professor
Ward, BarbaraSurvey Director
Ware, ErinResearch Investigator
Watkins Jacobs, DaphneFaculty Associate
Webster, NoahAsst Res Scientist
Weeks, BrianFaculty Associate
Weir, DavidResearch Professor
Weissman, DanielFaculty Associate
West, BradyResearch Associate Professor
Willis, RobertResearch Professor
Wilson, ColwickAdjunct Faculty Associate
Winter, DianeBusiness Administrator Lead
Witkowski, KristineAsst Res Scientist
Xu, HongweiResearch Asst Professor
Yang, DeanResearch Professor
Ybarra, OscarFaculty Associate
Yoon, Yung-JinFaculty Associate
Zahodne, LauraFaculty Associate
Zhao, KoryPublic Relations Manager
Zhukov, YuriFaculty Associate
Zivin, KaraFaculty Associate
Zucker, RobertFaculty Associate