ICPSR and PSC: Celebrating 50 years

The Next 50 Years: Innovation in a Data-Driven World

October 5-7, 2011 – Ann Arbor – Launch of 50th Anniversary

A series of exhibits and receptions will be held from November 2011 through May 2012 in Boston, Chicago, Ann Arbor, and San Francisco.

Closing Event: June 7, 2012 – Ann Arbor

Speaker: Elinor Ostrom, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Continue reading

Fifty years of change in population studies

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Fifty years ago, when the ISR Population Studies Center was founded, the burning issues in population studies looked starkly different from today. Rising birth rates—coupled with increased longevity—were raising widespread fears that the world’s resources would be overwhelmed. The Population Bomb was still seven years away; in it, biologist author Paul Ehrlich would famously declare that “hundreds of millions of people will starve to death” by the 1970s. But researchers, policymakers, and foundations were already searching for ways to avert what many feared would be a broad humanitarian disaster. Continue reading